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Regulation of the 5th Festnaiv

5th Moscow International Festival

of Naïve and Outsider Art




of the 5th Moscow International Festival

of Naïve and Outsider Art




Moscow International Festival of Naïve and Outsider Art «Festnaive-2016» (hereinafter referred to as Festnaive-2016) presents a wide range of contemporary naïve and outsider art.

Organizers of Festnaive-2016 are Moscow State Budgetary Institution of Culture «Museum of Russian Lubok and Naïve Art» (MORLANA) and Moscow State Budgetary Institution of Culture «Moscow Museum of Modern Art» (MMOMA)

Festnaive-2016 includes the following events:

- exhibition in Moscow (MMOMA, 25, Petrovka St.) and further demonstrations in other cities in Russia and abroad;

- scientific conference, dedicated to current issues of naïve and outsider art studies;

- meetings with naïve and outsider artists.


Main Theme of Festnaive-2016


General theme of Festnaive-2016 is «Creation of the world», which could be developed in the following topics:


- origin of the world (with religious, scientific, historical, mythological, fantastic etc. approach);

- lost paradise (garden, idyl, world without pain and suffering, small motherland);

- love;

- artist as a creator;

- family and home (daily round, space of life);

- wild life, animal world, nature and human;

- world and personal history, and their intercrossing; history as a contributor to creation of the world; historical figures; great events);

- imaginary world (fantasies, visions, prophesies)

- literature in painting (literary and fantastic characters, writers, poets);

- circle of life (the beginning and the end, destruction of the world and personal death, memory and grief, rituals). 


Terms and stages of Festnaive-2016 exhibition

- May 10, 2016 – September 30, 2016: Selection of artworks presented by applicants. Selection is to be based on: colored photos or digital images of artworks; information about artworks (title, date, technics, size in cm); information about authors.

  Applicants are allowed to participate in Festnaive-2016 only after the decision of Jury.

All information should be sent by e-mail to:, if impossible, applicants should send a certified letter to:

Museum of Russian Lubok and Naïve Art

Festnaive-2016 Organizing Committee

10, M. Golovin pereulok


Russia, 107045.

Festnaive-2016 Organizing Committee will send the Jury’s decision till October 17, 2016 (date of sending the decision).

- October 18, 2016 – December 20, 2016: All artworks selected for Festnaive-2016 should be delivered to the depository of Museum of Russian Lubok and Naïve Art 30, Izmaylovsky boulevard, Moscow). Transportation and insurance of the artworks are at applicant’s expense. For foreign applicants: artworks should be delivered by the author/owner personally or by their authorized representatives, who should prepare all the necessary custom documents for temporary import of cultural values; sending the artwork by post is impossible.

December 2016: exhibition «Festnaive-2016. Prologue», 10, M. Golovin pereulok, Moscow (naïve art from the collection of Museum of Russian Lubok and Naïve Art);

February-March 2017: exhibition «Festnaive-2016», 25, Petrovka St., Moscow (variety of contemporary naïve and outsider art – artworks selected by the jury of the festival);

February-March 2017: exhibition of acknowledged classic naïve artists from the collections of MORLANA and MMOMA, and other personal and state collections, 25, Petrovka St., Moscow.

 6. Full title – 5th Moscow International Festival of Naïve and Outsider Art «Festnaive-2016».

Short title – «Festnaive-2016».

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